chianciano biennale italia award

The Biennale

Italia Award for Contemporary Art

11th - 19th August 2018


The Biennale of Chianciano is organised by the Chianciano Art Museum and is a celebration of art and culture.

Visitors have the fabulous opportunity to view the eclectic "Italia Award" and a wide range of diverse exhibitions in numerous locations around town.

The "Italia Award" presents artworks by talented contemporary artists that are selected from all around the world.

The Biennale is organised with the patronage of the Gagliardi Gallery, PromoChianciano Association and the International Confederation of Art Critics.

Admission is free


Biennale Exhibitions 2018

chianciano biennale italia award

Visit Chianciano Terme
the heart of Tuscany
and the Biennale


chianciano biennale italia award


  • Chianciano Art Museum
    3000 square metre museum housing an "Impressive collection" according to the New York Times
  • Chianciano EXPO
    A collection of distinct art galleries in the 12th Century Medieval Centre of Chianciano.
  • Chianciano Arts Club and Residence
    Eccentric club housing temporary shows just a short walk from the Art Museum
  • Forest of Thought
    A poetic and romantic oasis where one can listen to birdsong and find oneself.


chianciano biennale italia award

What's on show

  1. Italia Award Contemporary Art. 
    120 artists from all around the world. Approximately 300 artworks will be presented and will give a fascinating insight into global art movements and trends. The best artworks will receive awards from international jury panels.
  2. "Children Versus Mafia" Paintings
    Paintings by Italian schoolchildren inspired by the killing of two judges, Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, who were investigating the Mafia. Works previously exhibited at the Vatican, the Quirinal Palace and the Italian Parliament.
  3. Chianciano Art Museum permanent collections.
    Parts of the collections will be on show that range from a 5000 year old Neolithic Asian vase to the Italian Renaissance and more.
  4. Marc Chagall "Hidden Places"
    A collection of rare lithographs of the Paris Opera house.
  5. Lonnie Schlein "My Way" 
    Lonnie has had a unique career as a photographer. He started at the New York Times in 1975 and received the Pulitzer Prize in 2002. This exhibition examines his journeys, travels and thoughtful moments.
  6. Jincheng Liu "China Studies"
    A selection of portraits by Jincheng Liu graduated from the Fine Art Department of the Capital Normal University, Beijing in 1982. In 1986, he travelled around Tibet-Gansu to study the landscape and the indigenous people.

chianciano biennale italia award

Where to go

  • Every contemporary artist selected for the "Italia Award" will have, at least, one artwork exhibited at the Chianciano Art Museum and another in an EXPO Art Gallery.
  • The exact allocation of the exhibitions will be determined closer to the Biennale.
  • The list exhibition spaces and galleries that will be used are as follows:
    • Chianciano Art Museum, Viale della Libertà
    • Royal Gallery, Piazza Matteotti
    • Savoy Gallery, Piazza Matteotti
    • Chelsea Gallery, Piazza Matteotti
    • Medici Gallery, Piazza Matteotti
    • Sun Gallery, Piazza Matteotti
    • Chianciano Arts Club & Residence, Via dei Colli
    • Forest of Thought, Via delle Piane

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