Biennale 2009 - Winners

Biennale 2009 - Winners



1st Prize for Painting

Gille and Marc Schattner, Australia

2nd Prize for Painting

Marieta ReijerkerkThe Netherlands
Gun MattsonSweden
Giancarlo Bozzani, Italy

3rd Prize for Painting

Steven Spazuk, Canada

1st Prize for Sculpture

Hilde Klomp, The Netherlands

Ex equo Giulio Galgani, Italy

2nd Prize for Sculpture

Barbara Crimella, Italy

3rd Prize for Sculpture

Lea Dolinsky, Israel

Special Mentions

Millicent Young, USA

Mario Artioli Tavani, Italy

Jianhui Ren, Singapore

Maria Holohan, UK

Zina Bercovici, Israel

Igor Eugene Prokop, Hungary

John Weiser, Austria