Collateral Events

Saturday 11th August - Inauguration

chianciano biennale

5pm - Musical Band "Bonaventura Somma" will commence a parade from Piazza Italia to the Museum in honour of the opening of the Biennale.

Sunday 12th August - EXPO by Night

chianciano by night

9.30pm - Chianciano EXPO by Night. Piazza Matteotti

4 wonderful medieval grottos, ancient caverns and fabulous projections in a full immersion of fun, imagination, art and music. The historical centre, its piazzas, its quaint corners and timeless atmosphere await you.

Monday 13th August - Lecture

chianciano biennale

4pm - Lecture at the Artists' Studio

Lecture on the Great Lorenzo the Magnificent, the greatest patron of art history, and his family followed by a toast to his legacy.

Tuesday 14th August - "CONCERTO LIRICO"

chianciano biennale

chianciano biennale

9.30pm - Tenor Marco Rencinai will perform "The Great Arias of the Italian Tradition"

Please click here to view Maestro Rencinai's biography (Italian)

Thursday 16th August - Violin and Piano at the Arts Club

chianciano biennale

chianciano biennale

9.30pm - Classical concert at Chianciano Arts Club

Stefano Graverini on the Piano, click to view biography (Italian)

Francesco Marconi on the violin, click to view biography. (Italian)

Friday 17th August - Cake Party

chianciano biennale

9.30pm - "Le Grand Gateau" soirèe. Selection of 15 different cakes and regional delicacies in honour of the artists at Chianciano Art Museum

Saturday 18th August - Dancing under the stars

chianciano biennale

9pm - Piazza Italia. Live music and dancing under the stars

Sunday 19th August - Prize Giving

chianciano biennale

4.30pm - Chianciano Art Museum, Prize Giving Ceremony