Collateral Events

Saturday 11th August - Inauguration

chianciano biennale

5pm - Musical Band "Bonaventura Somma" will commence a parade from Piazza Italia to the Museum in honour of the opening of the Biennale.

Sunday 12th August - EXPO by Night

chianciano by night

9.30pm - Chianciano EXPO by Night. Piazza Matteotti

4 wonderful medieval grottos, ancient caverns and fabulous projections in a full immersion of fun, imagination, art and music. The historical centre, its piazzas, its quaint corners and timeless atmosphere await you.

Monday 13th August - Lecture

chianciano biennale

4pm - Lecture at the Chianciano Art Museum

"Discover the Ethics in you"
An interactive lecture by Francesco Gagliardi. Participants will be presented with a series of ethical dilemmas with the objective of understanding their hidden ethical thinking and assumptions. Francesco will then summarise the thinking and explain how it relates to ethical philosophy. The lecture will be a fun and light-hearted way to discuss and learn about ethics. 

Tuesday 14th August - "CONCERTO LIRICO"

chianciano biennale

chianciano biennale

9.30pm - Tenor Marco Rencinai will perform "The Great Arias of the Italian Tradition"

Please click here to view Maestro Rencinai's biography (Italian)

Thursday 16th August - Violin and Piano at the Arts Club

chianciano biennale

chianciano biennale

9.30pm - Classical concert at Chianciano Arts Club

Stefano Graverini on the Piano, click to view biography (Italian)

Francesco Marconi on the violin, click to view biography. (Italian)

Friday 17th August - Cake Party

chianciano biennale

9.30pm - "Le Grand Gateau" soirèe. Selection of 15 different cakes and regional delicacies in honour of the artists at Chianciano Art Museum

Saturday 18th August - Dancing under the stars

chianciano biennale

9pm - Piazza Italia. Live music and dancing under the stars

Sunday 19th August - Prize Giving

chianciano biennale

4.30pm - Chianciano Art Museum, Prize Giving Ceremony