Lonnie Schlein - Official Director of Photography

Lonnie Schlein has been selected as the official director for photography for the Biennale of Chianciano 2015.

Lonnie has had a unique career as a photographer. He started at the New York Times in 1975 as Photo editor of the Sunday Arts & Leisure Section and Friday Weekend Section. In 1992 he was appointed Foreign Picture editor responsible for the photo coverage during the fall of Gorbachev and other major world events.

He then began to serve as the paper's National Picture Editor. This post was held during both the Clinton Administrations and the beginning of the George W. Bush Administration. He spent a great deal of time in Washington directing the photo assigning and editing of three Presidential elections, Inaugurations, the Impeachment processes.

In 1996, Lonnie served as the Picture Editor for the front Page of The New York Times,  presenting and selecting the images that would be published on the first page of the paper each day.

On September 11th 2001, Lonnie was assigned to handle all photography that dealt with the terrorist attack on the USA for the New York Times.

Lonnie is currently one of the most respected photographers in the world.

Photos by Lonnie Schlein