Brigitta Westphal

Artwork title
Dessert flower
Artwork Media
Oil on canvas
Artist Biography
Born in Burgoberbach, Germany, she was living in the Frankfurt area for a long time. In recent years she has been changing the center of her live between her Franconian homeland (Germany) and southern Tuscany (Italy).

She was working as a cartographer for 15 years abd took privat lessons in grafic and painting. She was a gueststudent at the European Academy of Art in Trier. Further, Brigitta founded the etching class at the Kronberg painting school where she taught for 4 years.

Human and nature stand as main subjects in the center of her oeuvre. Since 1986 tranferring world literature into adequate picturesque works is a special challenge to the artist.

The encounter with Robert Musil`s novel "The Man without Qualities" was a crucial experience. She produced two cyles of 14 oil paintings each (Musil-Paraphrasen and Musil-Paraphrasen II) Publisher Peter Lang, Bern, New York.

This became step stones in her artistic development.

Lectures in France, Germany and USA:
Subject: "Literature and its Transference into Painting in the View of an Artist".

Painting and Graphic Workshops in Germany, Italy and in Saudi Arabia (2012 in Riad in the first school of Art for women. She works there together with the owner Princess Adwa, daughter of the deceased king).

Exhibitions in Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Greece, Belgium, England, Spain an USA.
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