Ulla Wobst

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Oil on canvas
Artist Biography
Ulla Wobst was born in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.
Her work can be described as akin to Symbolim and Surrealism (psychological canvas) .
What is privately felt and experienced is translated into a universal language with a wide range of interpretation.
Her style can be characterized as a blend of painting and drama, undoubtedly going back to her first career as a teacher of drama.
She had numerous exhibitions all over the globe and her works won many national annd international awards.
They can be found in private collections, firms, institutios and museums.
Dr. Anja Lange

Awards ( only from 2015 on)

For special works :
2015 London Art Biennale, 2nd Prize for FOREVER (Biennale Jury)
2015 Chianciano Biennale, 3rd Prize for THE MUSIC OF LIFE (Leonardo Award)
2016 Premio della Gritica, Edinburgh, for CLAIRE DE LUNE
2017 Certificate of Honour, Rome, (Roberto and Dott. Gabriele Giuliani ) for AFTER ALL THESE JOURNEYS, ULYSSES
2017 Certificate of Excellence, Palm Art Award, Leipzig, for INFINITE ENTANGLEMENT OF CULTURES, BARRIERS and NIGHTMAR2017
2017 London Art Biennale, 2nd Prize for AND ITS PLACE KNOWS IT NO MORE, (European Confederation of Art Critics

For her work in general :
2015 Prize "Segnalati", Edinburgh
2016 " Il David di Gian Bernini" Prize for painting, Lecce
2018 The international Prize of natons,Tribute to Tiziano, Venice

Art book: Ulla Wobst, Curtained Truths, published and edited by International Confederation of Art Critics, London, August 2016
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