Lucas van Eeghen

Artwork title
Field of hope
Artwork Media
2011, H77 W122 D60 cm, mixed media on canvas on panel, (c) Lucas van Eeghen
Artist Biography
It comes as no suprise that the 2017 Triennale di Roma Lifetime Achievement Award was bestowed on Lucas van Eeghen. His oeuvre that once began in the magically realistic tradition, developed itself with a notable tenacity. According to the renowned Italian critic and curator, Professor Daniële Radini Tedesci, he has "an extreme individuality that connects him in his painting - the traditional craftsmanship - to Ferdinand Khnopff and even Vermeer."

His current three-dimensional paintings embraces one and are imbued with a formidable yet passionate poetic power and sensitivity; they are emotionally charged and intuitive images that offer a tillting aesthetic.

Van Eeghen is seen at home and abroad as a protagonist of nature – an endangered nature that increasingly is infiltrating the visual arts. He places a stirring reality on the ruins of postmodernism and conceptualism; his unique approach is synthetic yet simultaneously baroque. Nature is crystallized, embalmed, elevated to eternity. His work invites one to feel and touch, to unravel the mystery of nature and art. Van Eeghen is the alchemist of the twenty-first century.

He rediscovers the traditional bond between artist and the imitation of nature by creating works that transform the natural element. In the past, art tried to reflect on nature by representing it in one way or another: Natura Artis Magister. Van Eeghen does exactly the opposite: nature itself is frozen and petrified where the dividing line between organic and artificial begins to evaporate. The work represents a longed for return to the original harmony between man and earth and the renewal of what binds them to the origin of time.
Nation of origin
The Netherlands
Exhibition or Biennale Edition